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About Us

About Us

Stacy Chen, creator and founder


Stacy Chen, the creator and founder of Veggie Heaven.
Growing up in the family of chefs, has stirred her passion to cook since she was 12 years old. Her grandmother Mrs. Gui Chen, was a chef in Japan and she used to own a ramen shop in Osaka 30 years ago. Her dad Mr. Wen Chen was a chef in a vegetarian restaurant in California before helping Stacy with Veggie Heaven. Due to his health condition Mr.Chen didn’t stay with Veggie Heaven for a long time. Being the third generation chef in the Chens family, Stacy focused her flavor mainly from her heritage. At age 17, she and her mom and dad co-found Veggie Heaven in 1997. She has been the executive chef for VH at UT campus location and will remain the same for the upcoming location. Her new menu items will still be focus toward comfort food as she feels like this restaurant is like her home. She has grown in this restaurant and has seen costumers grown in the restaurant as well, from their first date, to their first child, to see their child all grown up. 

Currently Stacy is preparing to relaunch Veggie Heaven to bring back old favorites along with new set of menu items. After traveling to many places including to her home country, Taiwan, she is creating a wide range of vegan dishes with bold oriental flavors. She will serve the signature dish "Protein 2000" along with introducing a new signature dish to commemorate the reopening of VH. The new signature dish will be introduce when it's closed to the grand opening date. Beer and wine will also be served. 

Mei is currently retired but will co-owned the new VH, she will drop in to the new VH often to greet and meet costumers. 

Mei Wang, co-founder


Veggie Heaven was named the best Vegetarian restaurant in Austin and also was named the top 20 best vegetarian restaurants in US by Thrillist.  We are also listed as #15 in 35 Things Everyone Should Do In Austin, Texas, Before They Die by BuzzFeed.

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